Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lashon Hara and Tzedakah

"It appears that relentless chatters' goals are to 
try to annoy and bother and antagonize me."

"They study my bio and memorize the details 
and gather information which they believe 
provides taunt worthy material."

"A favorite sociopathic canard is that I have no family and am alone. 
Apparently, they are not alone and do have family.
 Yet, they prefer to take precious time away from their 
charming loved ones to try to annoy me?
Who is the sad and pathetic one in these cyber dynamics?
They are so bored they have to day after day type 
comments like redundant energizer bunnies
that would be rejected by The Gong Show."

"I am flattered I am so time and eyeball worthy.
 I enable these Don Quixotes and make their 
weird agendas a tax deduction for my charity work."

"Their lashon hara becomes my mandated tzedakah!"

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