Thursday, February 28, 2013


"There are internet dudes who dig 
for information about others." 

"They are invested in their investigation and they are 
interested in the lives of total strangers." 

"They are so involved one would think 
they were being paid huge advances 
to write their subject's biography." 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The End is Near

"During a show today there were three signs:
1. I had a spontaneous nose bleed
2. I was surrounded by the odd and vague scent of mothballs
3. I was featured, and 500 people watched the show 
while the chat room remained empty"

"I made internet broadcast history!"

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bigger than US Steel

Hyman Roth to Michael Corleone: 
"We're bigger than U.S. Steel." 

 A caller to a broadcaster during the Academy Awards: 
"Do you know Marjorie Levine?"

In that moment, marjorie was more famous
than Jennifer Lawrence!

I See Bored People

"When chatters create names intended to ridicule, 
rile, or annoy me... all I see are bored people." 

Ring a Ding Ding

"I use call forwarding for unwanted calls and 
send those calls straight to a number 
with a message which says: 
'The call you have made requires a coin deposit.' 
It's the ring a ding ding thwart."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Vocabulary Peer Group

"A chatter attempted to engage me in 
an online typed fight and posted 
infantile and crass comments intended to insult me."

"Her vocabulary level and references were exceedingly 
childish and her whiney charientisms were 
as broke as a pickpocket at a nudist camp."

"My cyber opponent rose from 
obscurity and was headed for oblivion." 

Fitting the Definition

"marjorie is a stalker; she stalked a broadcaster!!"

the textbook definition:
"A stalker is a person who intentionally and 
repeatedly follows or harasses 
another person and who makes a credible threat, 
either expressed or implied, 
with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear ..." 

"Can we say: 
It was a transparent spin designed to rile and chagrin...
and it was done for a personal vitriolic agenda. 
It was an epic fail."

true dat
"marjorie only stalks her pension checks 
when they fail to be deposited on time."

Apples and Oranges

"My antagonist's frame of reference never moves 
past 'shtup and drek.' 
I prefer to reference the wit of  Oscar Wilde.
I threw in the towel because I was fighting an unarmed opponent."

"She never opens her mouth unless she has nothing to say."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Achilles heel

"Chatters always search for their victim's Achilles heel.
Then, they go for the jugular.
It's de rigueur."

"They have yet to be able to figure out that I have no Achilles heel.
I do not have a weak mind."

Own It!

"I always arrive at my computer wearing my Shield of Gardol,"
And to charientisms, I always reply: Tell me something I DON'T know!"

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Invisible Woman

"My phone number was posted all over the internet and 
I received not even one call."

"I now refer to myself as ...
The Invisible Woman." 


"If you think these cartoons are funny...
I will pay for your CAT scan."


"Chat dawgs think their antics are so clever and clandestine... 
but eventually they shoot themselves in the foot 
and are hoisted by their own petards." 

Jealous? Moi?

"I was labeled 'jealous.'
'Tis quite difficult to be 'jealous' of a totally unknown identity 
who is not even a blip on my cyber radar."

Sweatin' Those With Zero Pulchritude

"I have been called a 'beast' multiple times by a chat dawg. 
I assume that indicates I am visually unappealing."

"Yawn! 'Tis a pity he apparently does not have some 
great beauty in his life upon whom to gaze 
during the great deal of time he spends fixated on me."

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cyber Analysts

"Today, a chatter who never even met me 
called me a narcissist."

"He should get a job as a cyber analyst administering 
online Thematic Apperception Tests."

"I am sure that experts in the field 
would give his opinion total validity."

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yetta Telebenda, newsworthy much?

"Yetta Telebenda© 2011  is marjorie is only exciting to those... 
who thought the Edsel was epic."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The De Rigueur Response

"When hostile malcontents pull all the stops out 
and call me names and go for the jugular, 
I have a standard reply."

"I say: 'Thank-you, thank-you.'
It disarms and I love self-effacing humor." 

"They are angry so I enable them and 
make them a tax deduction for my charity work. 
Yes, I am quite eleemosynary."

marjorie's motto

"Call me the name and I play the game."

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dumber and Dopier

"Comments are always posted in chat rooms 
that members will find 
groan and ridicule worthy."

"The poster's comment is screen capped 
and sent to an appreciative audience
so they can share in the yucks."

"I never waste my time with such horse shit." 

"In that paradigm the poster 
is dopEY and the forwarder is dopIER."

Old Hag Anyone?

"I am an old hag? Go know!"

"Cyber Pavlov dogs are so font predictable."


Roasts anyone?

"Chatters try to insult me in all sorts of vitriolic ways."

"I put a spin on it all and call it 

"This style or approach used 
to be referred to as 
taking lemons and making lemonade."

"And... only SUPERSTARS
are roast worthy." 

Sweatin' marjorie

"Chatters wait all day with baited breath for my appearance.
And I enter to thunderous entrance applause."  

"I exit with curtain calls and then do encores."

"Everywhere I go it is a cyber homage to marjorie."

Weak Minds

"I never had a weak mind.
My motto is: tell me something I DON'T know."

"I spent a lifetime dining on 
kichel, kishke, and kneidlach.
It works better than the anti-lobotomy!" 

Worse Off

"Chatters try to ruffle my feathers by invoking the age card.
They say I am old and will soon be dead." 

"Apparently they are young. 
At a young age they have nothing better to do than 
to sit at a computer and attempt to annoy me?"

"Nebuch, they are part of the Walking Dead." 

Ya Mad Bro?

"Some chatters have one goal: to get me MAD
They type all sorts of dopey and foolish comments 
designed to flip me into a rage." 

"I sit here cool as a cucumber. 
They fail to realize that truly the only thing 
that gets me MAD these days is 
when Bloomingdale's closes for inventory."

Friday, February 1, 2013

On Reveals

"Chatters get so excited and lick their chops 
when they 'reveal' my true identity. 
You would think they are 'revealing' 
the true identity of Watergate's Deep Throat.

Many great celebrities actually 
perform with their real names:
Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, 
Barbra Streisand, and Adam Levine.

I think of them as my mishpucha."

An Homage to Hyman Roth

Hyman Roth: 
"Michael, we're bigger than U.S. Steel."

"Michael, I am bigger than Clara Peller."

Marjorie Wannabes

"There are marjorie wannabes and imposters 
popping up all over the internet!" 

"It's marjorie this and marjorie that and marjorie everywhere!

"I was told it is a sign of my intense popularity. 
Will Frank Abagnale impersonate me soon?"

"Will the REAL marjorie please stand up?"

Online Biographies

"Online chatters declared me to be 
friendless and loveless and lonely.
The upside is that I will never have to 
provide info to a bio ghostwriter.
They totally nailed it!
It was a bingo moment! 

These cyber dudes totally rock with abundant 
info about my life resume!

This is some sanguine sociogram I hang with!" 

Screen Cap Worthy

"A kook actually screen capped one of my subtle charientisms 
and forwarded it with serious obtuse intent. 

If I knew my bon mots were screen cap worthy I would make 
stronger attempts to post comments in the style of 
S. J. Perelman, George Plimpton, or Spalding Gray.

My cheeky bon mots are screen cap worthy? Shocking! Impossible! 
Screen capping must be a new vapid five finger excercise!" 

Shocking Reveals

"When my true identity is REVEALED and 
posted in chat rooms, I wonder....
is that as tantalizing as knowing the 
real identity of Watergate's Deep Throat?"

"The revealers lick their chops 
over such narisha zach?"