Saturday, December 15, 2012

Achilles Heels

"Haters are always searching for their victims' perceived 
Achilles heels.
My advice is to own the charientisms. 
It succeeds in disarming and thwarting."  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Visual Choices

"A chatter redundantly tells me in many moronic ways
that I am quite ugly and he references 
my looks in an unflattering manner. 
He seems obsessed with my physical appearance and 
he is fixated on me like an energizer bunny.
I am flattered I am so eyeball worthy."

"He has no ravishing beauty in his home 
he can gaze upon for hours as another more pleasing option?
Awww, poor guy." 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hard Conclusions

"A chatter said that I think I am better than others. 
Well, based on the comments they post.... 
I don't have to be in Mensa to form that conclusion."

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cyber Play Dates

"It takes two willing participants to create a cyber play date."


"There are ways to prevent names on the computer
 from talking to you or typing comments for you to see." 

"Stop entering cyber places where they congregate and 
do not cross lines to enter areas where the activity is going on."

"It's a self-created cyber order of protection and 
the imposed cyber restraining order 
gets rid of them."

"You have served them with a cyber gag order
because their comments are no longer visible to you,
and when they and their comments are 
no longer visible to you...
they are gone. "

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cyber Analysts

"People on the computer who never even met me 
love telling me I am 'crazy,' 'egocentric,' and a 'sociopath...'
and they validate their conclusions with non sequiturs.
They recommend 'meds' for the perceived conditions.

"It's interesting... because in all my over 30 years of 
steady and respected employment I was never 
even considered for a mental disability pension."

"Are cyber analysts the new qualified legal expert opinions?"

Rocket Science

"When people spend hours on a computer obsessively trying hard to 
annoy me, I conclude they have no significant other or spouse 
and perhaps have real life social anxieties." 

"If I am wrong, I am happy to conclude I am 
more important and get more attention."

"The time spent on me sadly speaks volumes about the 
quality of those real time relationships. 
I am so much more worthy of a visual focus." 

"Then, there are those who believe I think I am better than they. 
Well, based on the juvenile crap they post... 
my opinions are not a difficult conclusion." 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hoisted By Their Own Petards

"The computer seems to attract people who spend hours of 
their own personal time trying to annoy others.
They type comments that appear to be 
vitriolic, vituperative, and vilifying.
They lick their chops as they try to go for the jugular while
thriving on dopey cyber intrigues.  
And they gather in social peer groups that
create quite a cyber peanut gallery.
They all deserve each other." 

"The demographic seems to be as good as it can get for them. 
It's like a meeting of Lucy's Friends of the Friendless." 

"An addiction to that redundant and relentless 
zero impact idiotic activity is 
punishment for them... better than jail."

"The activity hoists them by their own petards."

Monday, December 3, 2012

An Online Kook Watch

"All over the internet, I observe cyber interactions 
that are filled with childish inane banter and material that appears 
to be written by puerile and sophomoric posters 
with easily diagnosed transparent arrested development 
and unresolved angers that are 
transferred and displaced in babyish ways.

Chatters type: 'You mad bro?' as if that line empowers 
and makes them winners in some perceived online conflict. 

They are nothing more than Don Quixotes... and to the extent 
that I totally and consistently ignore it, 
I might be eligible for admission into Mensa." 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Not Rocket Science

"If it was maybe possible for me to believe you did not do any 
of the things which CAUSED the rift, 
it is always your behavior AFTER these fallings out 
that confirms I was correct to place separations between us."

"My instincts are always proven correct and 
my actions are validated beyond any reasonable doubt."

Hey There, Lonely Girl

"Trolls on a computer assume because I am alone... I am 'lonely.'
I presume they are married or living with a significant other.

However, instead of spending quality time with 
their dear beloved family, 
they choose to spend their valuable personal time 
within their days attempting to annoy me. 

It is sad when you do not live alone and are really 'lonely.'
Who are the pathetic ones in these cyber dynamics?"

Struttin' Stuff

"Wherever I go, I always draw attention. 
I must cause flashbacks and I definitely am a trigger.

People sweat me and cannot get over me:
and I am walking around this city and 'struttin' stuff.' 

I recommend they go to be deprogrammed in a rehab 
and enter a hyperbaric chamber. 

Maybe then they can develop a more self-involved focus."

Cyber Restraining Orders

"I had to take out a cyber order of protection 
against an internet sociopath. 
He was more obsessed with me than Hedra was 
with Allison in SINGLE WHITE FEMALE."