Thursday, November 19, 2015


These are cartoons that are stuff "marjorie" says in online interactions on the internet. The blog contains art, photographs, and illustrations in caption-driven pieces. marjorie joins internet message forums and chat rooms where she disarms the members with her unique style of humor. She also has great fun morphing into film characters, becoming her own brand of film noir, experiencing art and culture themes, time traveling, and walking all over today's NYC. marjorie even interviews celebrities and pop culture personalities. Her verbosity is smart, provocative, and well-played. marjorie's wit is intelligent and sophisticated, and the totally tongue-in-cheek "bad art" serves to make the work even funnier. Please also check out the cartoons posted in past months.

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Status Update

These are cartoons that have been called "bad art," which serves to make the work funnier. Comments have also called these cartoons Thurberesque, as imaginative as Basquiats, and pieces of pop art as creative as those of Keith Haring. 

Meet marjorie

"Roses are red
And violets are blue,
My clever charientisms
Will make an acerebral paronomasiac out of you."

The Natural Homeopathic Cure for Depression

"When "trolls" try to bother me by photoshopping 
my pictures into ads for customers who need self-improvement, 
I cheerfully smile and am grateful for the publicity and attention.

It all helps to pump my pedestal right to internet fame 
and it is all internalized and digested 
better than Cymbalta!" 

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Small Montage: redux

© 2010 Marjorie Levine

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Larry David

"There is a short list for who will be crowned OCD Patient Zero!
But, I think my chances for winning are pretty pretty pretty good!"