Friday, September 27, 2013

The Toast of The Town

marjorie is trending and becoming very buzz worthy! 

marjorie is newsworthy! 
marjorie records CNN news and her fans record HER shows! 
 Her RERUNS are played more than 
The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy! 

marjorie's show is even SIMULCAST! 

marjorie is famous and she is THE TOAST OF THE TOWN

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Call Me the Name, I Play the Game


stalking the mean streets

and caught!

"Internet dudes have labeled marjorie THE STALKER.
And just like Clark Kent who becomes Superman
marjorie morphed into THE STALKER OF CHELSEA!"

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Carte Blanche

"I decided to reward a very loyal viewer with...
 the golden status and power of chat room carte blanche!"

The Blabbermouth

"If everything is repeat worthy to a blabbermouth,
it's a good head's up to not voluntarily share zip.

Whatever you share might end up 
on the public telephone wall." 

Misery Loves Company

"When a group gathers like a cult to celebrate in totally 
asinine and similar ways endless low level entertainment 
because they have nothing else to do, 
they all deserve each other."

Psychological Spins

"I kindly suggested some NYC sightseeing attractions... 
and days later in another show the discussion agenda was
the tired and old spin: marjorie, "The Stalker."

In a venue that thrives on low level entertainment 
and projection, "The Stalker" was quite the topic du jour.

Anonymous cyber peeps are stalk-worthy?
No, but the marjorie-cartoons are 
eyeball stalk worthy and... peek a boo, I see YOU!"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lessons in Self-Esteem

"I can walk around thinking I am the 'cat's meow'
when other's may think I am ineffable."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mixed Messages

viewer #1
on a Wednesday she says to a broadcaster:
"Kick marjorie out of here, it is long overdue."
six days later she advises marjorie:
"I think you should make up with that broadcaster because 
the two of you could be good friends."

viewer #2
Monday, she is very angry and confrontational with marjorie
"Bring it on bitch!"
four days later she says, with great admiration
"The person I would most like to meet is marjorie."

Status Symbols

"There is much sophomoric carrying on 
over "ops" or "mods" in broadcasters' channels. 
Are "mods" some internet brass ring 
or sort of like owning a Honus Wagner?"

The Rebuke

"I extended an olive branch to a hater and 
suggested we become friends.
Her reply was that it would be a 'disaster.'

Then, I suggested that when 
she visit NYC she see a Broadway show.
To that idea she replied: 'It's not my bag.'

Yikes, she was right!
A friendship with her would have been a disaster!"

The In Crowd

"Everybody hates marjorie"

"Exactly who are these viewers who hate me?
They spend hours passing numbers to that broadcaster 
so he can make childish and dopey prank calls.

That is not exactly the demographic to which
 I aspire to be accepted and loved."

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Verbal Tricks in a Backwards World

"When harassment is manifested in dozens of clear ways 
and marjorie replies with her special brand 
of humorous performance art, 
harassers will  flip the ratio 
and call marjorie obsessed. 
Sociopaths lack cognitive skills and the sequence gene."

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mass Confusion

"Obsessed fans often have bizarre twisted thoughts
and they grab onto minutiae so they can believe that 
superstars are obsessed with them!"

"They create a delusional and emotional dynamic
within demented relationship fantasies
and then engage in extreme Freudian projection."

"These starstruck fans lose sight of the fact 
that they are totally unknown nobodies in marjorie's life.
They are pathetically, classically, and weirdly
confused in their own very backwards upside down world."

Internet Caspers With Weird Takes

"Another Casper surfaces to inanely call me what
she believes to be my strongest Achilles heel:
And she claims I am obsessed with her!"

I am at a huge loss to understand how one could
possibly be obsessed with a totally unknown entity!

It is during these times that I understand
what Freud meant when he
coined the term: projection."

Performing Exorcisms

"I perform exorcisms on wannabes 
 and beat them back with such a strong halitosis 
 that they melt into puddles of slime."