Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Call me Pisher, the Shvitzer

"A literary agent asked how his blog readers feel about
a controversial website, and I have strong opinions.
So, like an energizer bunny I kept adding comments and comments
and more comments. And even more... comments.
Every time a writer posted his opinion,
I was like a Pavlov dog and felt compelled to reply.
I thought I was actually adding salient points.

Well, after my most recent post,
the literary agent said it was time to let it go;
I was told my comments were no longer necessary.
I suppose my comments were a bit excessive...
and, I was mortified!

But then, this other blogger said I invoked Godwin's Law
and then another blogger kept calling me a troll...

There was such a tummel, I just deleted
many of my comments
and took a strong hit of
my smelling salts and
put on
Wheel of Fortune.

Sigh, my internet involvement
is ridiculous.
I should be in Boca tanning my fat tuchas during the day
and waiting for the early bird specials at night.

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