Sunday, June 13, 2010

Outside the Lines

"Years ago, when you received an exciting coloring book
you were instructed to 'stay in the lines.'
That was then, this is now.
I now color outside the lines.
And my advice is to be different, never be a lemming...
and most of all: celebrate your crazy."

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You commented on one of my posts at Red Stick Writer, mentioning my inclusion of a quote from Charles Simic and his being your favorite poet. Your post regarding coloring outside the lines conveys a sentiment similar to Simic's in quite an interesting way.

I had never heard of Simic until I came across his quote that I include on my blog page and at the end of all of my e-mail messages. Since then, I have become a fan.

I like lighthouses. When I finally jumped off the cliff and wrote my agent-hungry novel about a serial killer, I decided to have my bad boy leave the corpses of adulterous couples at the sites of nautical beacons. Simic's quotation includes references to both lighthouses and, in part, a non-lemming path through life.

I like your pages and will be dropping by from time to time. Thanks for visiting Red Stick Writer. Since you live in the middle of the greatest concentration of literary agents on the planet, let me know if you stumble over one who is looking for a first time novelist to champion.