Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Unraveling in Alternate Universes

"For those of you wondering, here's why 
many of us despise marjorie: 
we tried to befriend her and she sh*t on us, 
trolled us, lied to us, and stabbed us in the back. 
She's a sh*t, period. I stuck up for her in the past. 
People tried to warn me and I didn't believe it. 
I stood up for her and then she did it to me 
and I got what I deserved for not listening."

"Who is that hysterical person having a cyber meltdown? 
It seems a bit absurd that I could have 
done such dire things to a person and had such 
an horrendous impact on a person whose 
identity is totally unknown to me." 

"My cyber fingerprints and DNA came up 
negative on that profile document.
He needs to reconnect his VCRs and chill,
and enter a hyperbaric chamber for a reality check
regarding his social interactions."

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