Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thwarting Juvenile Moronic Provocations

"I see you are the object of comments that are intended to be quite 
vitriolic and vituperative, and they are designed to 
vilify in great attempts to go for the jugular."

"Well, the sophomoric and puerile bon mots are not exactly posted 
by a peer group I respect who are members of 
Mensa and graduated from Harvard... 
It's not exactly my intellectual demographic
so a bit of perspective renders it all invisible 
in total zip impact and irrelevance." 

the fourth wall:
"Uh, not for nothing but how pathetic are their lives if that is 
how they spend any part of their day?
I would rather watch paint dry than participate in such stupidity."

"It is a totally abject sociopathic moron who spends time 
engaging in that activity anyway."

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