Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Winded

on cyber roasts: 

"I do not understand how people can spend so much of their time on a computer engaging in what I consider to be nonproductive low level nonsense. When I was younger, I would not have spent two minutes of my time in childish behavior that was so moronic, foolish, juvenile, and imbecilic. It is so non proactive. Where in life does that get you?"

"Do ridiculous and ludicrous insults bother me? No. I know who I am and I have excellent self-esteem. But regardless... when chatters attempt to ridicule me it speaks volumes about the respect they have for me and the trust I have going forward for them. I do not want to be in rooms where that goes on because I personally do not enjoy it on any level. I do not enjoy sites where all day the members try to harass people in babyish ways. I do not find it amusing or entertaining. People need to respect boundaries and not cross lines and follow polite protocol. Nobody I know in my life interacts in puerile ways. We are supportive of each other." 

"Am I mad? No. I understand this goes on all over the internet but I choose to remove that activity from impacting my purview and I do not enable people who engage in that activity because I don't want to see it or be part of it. Do those decisions to distance people who have tried over and over to annoy me make me 'mentally disturbed?' No... I think my decisions make me 'smart.'

"Seriously, are these 12 year olds? I am supposed to relate on what level to idiotic cyber sophomoric nonsense? I spent my time when I was their age studying for two Masters degrees during a teaching career..."

"Blah blah blah and shma shma shma...."

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